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Maze Wayz offers an interactive way for users to enjoy your maze and other trackable experiences.

 Maze Wayz was created in November of 2022, and working hard to get the system built to accommodate it's user base.

  • Mazes

  • Maps

  • Farms

  • Scavenger Hunts

  • Tourist Attractions

  • Trails

  • Custom Property

  • & more!

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    At Maze Wayz, we want to make sure your customers are happy in your maze so that they keep coming back!

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    How it Works

    You upload your gps maze files to our server. We then take them to create an overlay, this overlay is displayed to the user in real time.

    You create a scavenger hunt with custom content on each checkpoint displayed to the end user.

    Users scan a QR code to start the scavenge hunt. And begin wandering in your maze with or without the assistance of the map functionality, scanning each checkpoint as they go.

    Users scan the exit QR code at the end of the maze, recording how long it took them and putting their name on the leader board.

    Depending on how you handle prizes, leader boards can be generated on a daily, weekly or season basis. Send out prizes for the fastest users that visited your maze!


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